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Being as in love with love as I am, I am a Valentine’s Day fan by default. I know that many call it a useless ‘Hallmark Holiday’. While I see the truth in that, I don’t see what the big issue is with simply spreading a little extra love around? Personally, Feb. 14th serves as a great reminder to love & cherish those around me, whether a significant other is involved or not.

Below I have gathered some of my favorite ways to spread a little more gratitude and selflessness leading up to the big day. Whether it’s a simple reminder to friends or family of how much you cherish them, or spoiling your boo with some extra treats, let’s shock the world with some selfless L-O-V-E this Valentine’s Day; the world certainly could use a little bit more of it right about now 🙂

Personalized Candy Hearts

For the candy-craver in your life, these are a perfect way to satisfy their sweet tooth with a personal touch. (You can even make candy hearts with your favorite emojis printed on now too!)

Depending on your budget, I found some great options on and


Create a Quote Frame

If your family, friends or significant other is as obsessed with quotes and photos as I am, then this is a sure-fire budget friendly gift that shows a lot of love, without a major dent in your bank account.

The steps are simple:

  1. Pick out your favorite frame to fill (one that matches the gift receivers taste + decor)
  2. Print out quotes from online that apply to that relationship (whether is friendship quotes, love quotes, humorous quotes, motherly love quotes, etc.)
  3. Print out however many photos you would like to place in with the quote collage to fill the frame
  4. Arrange the photos and quotes however they best fit into the frame, and VOILA! You are all done!

My favorite stores to buy frames at the best prices:

  • Target
  • Ross
  • Marshalls
  • Home Goods

Girls Night In!

No significant other involved at the moment? No problem! Gather up one, three, or ten of your single girlfriends and have a ‘Galentine’s Day’ dinner in! You can make it themed as dressy or casual as you’d like (i.e. Pizza & PJ Party, Cocktail-chic Dinner Party with place settings, etc.) If your friends are the gift-giving type, you can arrange some sort of white-elephant exchange with a comedic theme, or a more structured Galentine’s Gift Exchange where each person shops for specifically another friend in mind.

Whatever you do, don’t go sparse on the love and attention your girlfriends deserve. REMEMBER: Boyfriends and spouses are a beautiful thing, but it’s your girlfriends that will speak your language when you need it most. Celebrate them for the angels that they are!

Unique Personalized Jewelry

I don’t know you about you, but I LOVE jewelry, especially something that has personal meaning. I genuinely don’t care about the label or price tag (honestly!), but if it is personalized, or has sentimental meaning, then I’ll keep it forever.

One of my favorite companies is Coordinate Collection, where you can get the map coordinates of any city in the world engraved onto a ring, necklace, bracelet, etc. The beautifully engraved pieces of silver or gold will be a classic reminder of that special memory in that special city. You can get one made for your honey (where you had your first date), your best girlfriend (of a city that you spontaneously took a road trip to), or one made for your mom (of that city where your favorite restaurant is that you dine at together all the time).

Order by Feb. 3rd to get expedited shipping in time for Valentine’s Day!

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