My Experience at The LA Womens March

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It’s not shocking to anyone that our country is hurting right now; people are angry, people are divided, and hearts have been wounded. This isn’t a political post, because I know that ultimately, God is in control. I am not passionate about politics; I am passionate about people. And when THIS many people gather together to get a message across, I definitely want to hear what they have to say! This post is to simply share some thoughts, observations and my experience at the Los Angeles Women’s March last Saturday.

Yes…. there were some crude and extreme signs, which I found unnecessary, BUT the overwhelming message I got standing in front of the main stage was equality and LOVE. As I gripped hands with my mom, feeling like a tiny fish in a very large pond, I glanced around and was amazed to witness such a large group of people be so polite, kind and welcoming towards one another. Everywhere I looked, people were beaming with respect for the strangers standing beside them. Every ethnicity, all ages, different walks of life; all gathered together because they desire to see change. It was incredible.

To get to my point, here are a couple take-aways that I went home with last Saturday:

  1. We are SO fortunate that we live in a country where this is LEGAL, and I do not take my freedom my freedom lightly. Too many women all around the world are being pushed down, persecuted, shamed, sold as property, and so much more. They would only dream of a day like what I experienced; to stand publicly and voice an opinion. What I take for granted, someone else is praying for. Freedom of speech is an incredible gift that not everyone has.
  2. With this blessing of freedom, may I use it wisely. I don’t want to waste my precious freedoms on name-calling or accusing. I’m not interested in wasting my time. We are living in a hurting world, so why am I waiting? Words are great, and inspiring, but ACTIONS speak louder than words. May I continue to actively live out love, and use whatever gifts I have to give back. I heard it said recently, “When much is given to us, then much is required of  us.” God has entrusted me with a voice to lend to the voiceless, and capable hands & feet to help pick others up. This isn’t a burden, it’s my honor and duty. May I utilize every privilege or platform I have to make a change.
  3. Now is not a time to be timid with loving; we have to channel our God-given strength as women, and rise to be fiercely loving. There is SO MUCH STRENGTH in loving. Many days, it would be a lot easier for me to hate, but I have to choose to fiercely love. Yelling, pointing fingers, name calling, bashing will never change anyone’s opinion about anything. But do you know what DOES change hearts? Overwhelming, FIERCE, I-will-not-take-no-for-an-answer love. The “I-will-love-you-and-care-about-you-whether-you-like-it-or-not” type of love. The annoying love that just WILL NOT QUIT. We need to be dangerous and FULLY AWAKE. This isn’t a gender issue, or a skin tone issue, this is a PEOPLE ISSUE. If you want to make a change, then you have to start caring about other people. If I thought about what only hurt or affected me, I wouldn’t move the needle very far on the spectrum of change. It’s occurred to me that I NEED to think “selfless” to make a change. Think about it; who were the real game-changers? Martin Luther King, Mother Teresa, even Princess Diana of Whales…. these humans who saw a need and simply acted in love. They were humans with emotions just like you and I, but they made loving others a PRIORITY. It wasn’t an option, it was a priority. They didn’t yell, point fingers or call out derogatory names. They LOVED FIERCELY.


I encourage YOU to find your calling, find your passion to give back in ANY capacity (environment, foster youth, equal rights, animals, homeless community, etc), and RISE TO YOUR CALLING. Do not stoop so low to just call others out, but adhere to your calling on your life. I believe this with all my heart; TOGETHER, WE CAN BE THE CHANGE.

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