Helping Inner-City At-Risk Youth

I have made many mistakes (or poor decisions, as my mom would refer to them as), but one thing I have never in my life regretted doing was volunteering, or donating. Don’t have a passport or the funds to help overseas? No need to worry! Maybe God is calling you right where you are; to help your neighbors in your own backyard. I have blessed by working with the Impacting Hearts Organization (of Young Life Organization), for the last five years, and I have never regretted one day of it. If you are looking for an honest, Christ-following organization that helps inner city youth in Los Angeles, then look no further than

(**The below photos were all taken at Woodleaf Summer Camp, where we take a bus load of high-schoolers out of the city, and up into nature. All is made possible by donations given. It costs about $550/child to attend this camp for one week. All food, lodging, games, activities, etc. are included. It is life-changing for anyone that gets to attend)

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