Serving the Homeless in Los Angeles

My mom called me about six months ago, and she was SO EXCITED about an organization she was introduced to; The Giving Spirit Los Angeles. She has just finished her volunteer shift to give out Survival Kits to homeless people on the streets in Downtown Los Angeles, and she said it was one of the  most moving experiences she’s ever done. I was so intrigued about the experience that she had just had, so I told her I wanted to be apart of it.

Well, it turns out, my mom was not exaggerating. The entire experience was incredible. The Giving Spirit is so organized, well-thought out, they’ve clearly done their research, and they lead with LOVE. No gimmicks,  no peer-pressure, and no condemnation if you feel under-qualified. The Giving Spirit team are so encouraging, and equip you with the best practices to help you openly chat with these people on the street, and  listen to their story.

I’ve always known that Los Angeles is glittered with homeless, but it is insane that 12 miles from Beverly Hills (one of the wealthiest cities), is Skid Row, where over 10,000 souls sit on the street day after day. TWELVE MILES.

Giving back can become a lifestyle, and organizations like The Giving Spirit make that an easy possibility for each of us! Check out all the details for yourself at:

Here are some photos of my recent experience in December. Hope you enjoy!! XO

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