Kristen Perino is a Hawaii-born, California-raised youngest of three, and very proud Auntie. Working in the Fashion Industry for over a decade, God instilled a passion and mission field in her  own backyard of Los Angeles, CA. With a heart for leading young women to be all that they were created to be, a longing to spread genuine authenticity in the Christian community, a drive to inject the world with some good-ol’-fashioned LOVE,  and fierceness stemming from her Italian background, Kristen penned the book ‘From #Selfie to Selfless: Live the Life that You were Created For’.  

Note from Kristen: 

I believe that:

  1. Laughter is the best medicine
  2. We are stronger together
  3. The Lord is the single most important relationship you could ever invest in
  4. YOU were created for a significant purpose
  5. Simple acts of kindness are highly underestimated
  6. We can and WILL change the world with selflessness
  7.  FRIENDS television show is God’s gift to the world to keep us laughing forever

And if you get nothing else from any of this, please just know that you are L*O*V*E*D, smiling looks GREAT on you, and you are not alone (but you may have just been found)!!! XO- KP

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