Let’s Get Selfless! 

Have a heart to give back, but don’t know where to begin? Getting started can be overwhelming, so here is where I share some of my favorite charity organizations I’ve come across

“If you can’t feed one hundred people, then just feed one.”- Mother Teresa


Mission of Hope- HAITI

Serving the people of Haiti


If you have an itch to stamp your passport while giving back, then I would ABSOLUTELY, 100%, HIGHLY SUGGEST you check out Mission of Hope; Haiti. The photos above are a quick snapshot of one of my most treasured trips. Photos cannot begin to capture the way that my heart was moved, challenged, and renewed after spending a week in Haiti.

Mission of Hope exists to bring life transformation to every man, woman, and child in Haiti. They desire to serve the nation of Haiti, and see lives changed, through the love of Jesus Christ. 

Real Talk: Not photographed– the sweat pouring from every inch of my back, neck, and forehead (I had visited in the month of Sept…one of their hottest months). It was HOT, but SO WORTH every ounce of sweat.  I would happily go back and sweat 10x more in a heart beat, if it would guarantee that I’d dance around with those kids again. Missions trips like these are not easy (and I commend EVERY, SINGLE HEART that travels to foreign countries to live or visit on the regular. #GetItGirl YOU are a real life #SuperHero). But if Creole is not your first language, and you’ve traveled on nothing but paved roads, then I pray that you have an open mind for what you’re getting into. What I LOVED about M.O.H. is that they submerse you into the culture, while still trying to offer the basic comforts of U.S. living (Hello, PB&J sandwich!).  Local translators guide you every step of the way, you have your own truck driver every time you go into the towns, each day is strategically planned out for you and your group, and you get to hear locals stories and interact with them, just like you would a neighbor back home.

My personal favorite part of the trip was attending a local church service. It felt like a slice of heaven to share a roof with such passionate, hopeful, joyful, authentic loving people, who sincerely and simply LOVED God. Then, at the end of the sermon when I thought all was over, they were just getting started. A COMPLETE-DANCE-PARTY broke lose as everyone kept praising God to worship songs. Music raged on, hands flew into the air, feet were moving, and hips were shaking. Before I knew it, a Conga line swept me away into the chapel, and I was sold. Despite the pounds of sweat pouring from my forehead, I stepped back and got a glimpse of what Heaven will look like. I saw people from different countries, cities, backgrounds, upbringings, race, gender, and language with only one thing in common: celebrating the creator of the universe; in all His greatness. I have seen quite a few parties in my day, BUT THIS PARTY was life-changing. 

PLEASE CHECK THEM OUT if you are looking to donate outside of the US or go on a trip yourself: www.mohhaiti.org


Men Standing Against Trafficking

Silently Protesting the Human Traffic Industry

This isn’t just for men; this is for everyone. As of 2016, 40.3 million people were victims of modern slavery worldwide. Of those 40.3 million, 24.9 million people are victims of forced labor (16 million in private sector exploitation, 4.8 million in sexual exploitation, and over 4 million in forced labor by state authorities) and 15.4 of forced marriage. So this is clearly and issue that doesn’t just affect men, but too many people. But we do need men to physically stand alongside the women and say, “No, this is not OK.”

Many people don’t know what human trafficking is, how it happens, how to recognize if it is happening, or how we are unknowingly protecting it by not standing against it and helping these victims. AWARENESS IS ONE OF THE LARGEST KEYS TO ABOLISHING THIS UNDERGROUND SLAVERY. And sometimes, all this awareness takes is simply holding a sign in strategically picked spots where human trafficking is growing rapidly. That is what M.S.A.T does. They meet quarterly every year in large groups to peacefully draw attention to such a horrific epidemic, that is affecting every neighborhood, background, race, age. So that means that we need to invade every neighborhood, rip the veil off, STAND against it.

While these might just seem like numbers, each statistic represent LIVES, like you and me. And this is happening in every city in the US, especially the sex-trafficking. The statistics are staggering. If you knew the depths of the truth, it would make you want to hold up a sign too!