From #Selfie to Selfless Book


This is not a self-help book. If you are like me, you’ve tried helping yourself unlimited times, but it didn’t get anyone very far. This is a God-help book, because God rescues us in the chaos, and changes our selfish stories into significant legacies.  You don’t need to be mess-less to be selfless. Actually, the more selfless you become, the more stress-less life becomes as well. It’s not a coincidence; it’s love, and it’s the power of love when we stop focusing on ourselves to start loving others.

No filters needed here, because by the end, there will be nothing to cover up. After completing From #Selfie to Selfess: Live the Life You Were Created For, readers will feel empowered to live a God-led life full of purpose, and equipped to shock the world with some selflessness. This is not about a religion, but about a relationship, and this life is not about us, but our relationship with a very real, loving God. Through wit, genuine honesty, a sense of humor, examples from the bible, everyday stories of triumph and epic failures, readers will realize that life is more than the here and now.




Living in a world where ‘selfies’ are glorified, personal opinions are amplified louder than God’s, and society is unashamedly selfish, where do we find our meaning and purpose among all the insanity? From #Selfie to Selfless takes an authentic look at multiple areas of life where we can wave the white flag on the filtering frenzy, and shift our gaze from inward to upward, resulting in a more fulfilled, confident, purpose-driven life.


Living the life you were created for is not about perfectionism, but about purpose. If you have breath in your lungs, then you have the power to radically fan the flames of selflessness through everyday tasks and humble acts, until it becomes a contagious fire that refuses to be put out. These flames start with us; you, me, a personal relationship with God, a sense of humor, and genuine authenticity to discover that life is more beautiful without a filter.


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